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April 20, 2010

In addition to his role as the “Father of Federation”, Alfred Deakin pursued a trailblazing career as Australia’s most successful turn of the century male model.

Deakin first found fame in his native Victoria, where local social commentators waxed lyrical about his “virile moustached face” and “brawnsome physique”.  Deakin used the opportunities of Federation to expand his modeling career into New South Wales, where he became known as the face of “Mr. and Mrs. Wittersleigh’s Electro-Vitaminical Rubbing Ointment Emporium”, and Queensland, where he found fame as the spokesperson for “Amalgamated Ham Corp”.

“Affable Alfred” was a proponent of innovative modeling techniques, most notably the “Reversed Chair” pose, which he discovered during a study tour in France. The pose was highly controversial at the time, and was notably opposed by Edmund Barton, who argued that it represented “nothing less than the ascendant dandyfication of the white Australian Briton.”

Deakin’s work is today memorialised by the Alfred Deakin  Centre for Development of the Posed Arts, at Deakin University.

Deakin demonstrating his "Reversed Chair" pose alongside early opponent Edmund Barton