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June 4, 1988

My last post!  Goodness me.  What powerful, visceral emotions overwhelm one at a time like this…

Memoriiiees, lighttt the cornersss of my miiindd, mistttyyy water collourredd memoriessss…

Babs knows how it is

Babs knows how it is. (

But no, this is not time for that sort of nonsense.  Sober reflection on the creative process, coming up, NOW!

I suppose the most difficult thing about this blog has been the problem of combining academic style reflection with the whole blog aesthetic.  To be honest, this has seemed like a pretty awkward fit at times.  The problem seems to me that the style of writing associated with blogs is much closer to snappy PR writing than sober, considered academic stuff.

The fact of the matter is, people are not willing to spend a lot of time reading things on the internet. People will give up a few seconds of their day to read a post, if it is snappily written and looks interesting.  Unfortunately, no matter how well I write it, the only response I am likely to get for a 800 word reflection on Creative Commons is a roll of the eyes and a verdict of “tl;dr”. Hence, I feel we’re somewhat hamstrung in what we can accomplish here.  It just doesn’t seem that blogging’s breezy style lends itself to the kind of academic rigour we’re expected to demonstrate at University.  Anyway, I tried my best with it.

I have been fairly happy with the use of wordpress as my blogging vehicle.  It does seem a bit glitchy from time to time, and for some reason it hasn’t been letting me put alt-texts on my images lately, which has been a touch annoying.  But otherwise, it works about as well as I could hope it to.  Good job wordpress!

Unfortunately, my blog is not yet tearing up the intertubes.  There is no such phenomenon as “AlmostPlausiblemania”.  Yet.


Not the kind of response Almost Plausible has been receiving. (

Friends who have read the blog seem to like it, and they are usually cruel enough to tell me if something I am writing is lame.  I am fairly convinced that if I was to continue on with it, I would probably be able to find some sort of readership.  Obviously my burgeoning popularity has been somewhat hampered by my lack of regular posting.  Although I posted a flurry of “content posts” when I started the blog, I have lately been concentrating more on getting these blasted academic ones done.

I think I will probably continue with this blog once have I more time during the holidays to devote myself to leisurely pursuits.  It occurred to me that a good way of promoting the blog might be through republishing some of its content in a publication with a guaranteed audience, maybe Farrago (people actually read Farrago, don’t they?  I mean, they’re not just printing all those copies out of a undying hatred of trees, are they?)  This might seem like a kind of backwards way of promoting your blog in the era of iWeb2.0 and whatever, but I feel like it would probably be more effective than leaving sycophantic comments on other people’s blogs which conclude with “I have typed an interesting blog about this issue myself, maybe you would like to look at it ROFL”.

Thus ends my academic blogging career, and thus begins my career as enfant terrible of the satirical history blogging  scene.  Maybe.